Our CDs evolved from providing simple recordings of songs for settings we were working in.

Our musical approach has always been to use real, folky instruments and a lively style, sharing the humour and warmth which children so readlily engage with in our work with them.

Here’s what Nursery World said about the CDs:

” The problem with so much music aimed at the very young is that it can all sound the same! Not so the three CDs from PlayIt. Here you’ll find variety in vocals, accompaniment and styles of music, and what is so appealing about the songs is that they’re often full of humour and all perfect for joining in – make accompanying noises, create your own actions, tap your feet, get up and dance. Even the most reluctant child – and adult – should find this emphasis on fun participation irresistable. For a flavour of what is on offer, you can listen online to short excerpts to a few of the songs. Each CD comes with complete lyrics and suggestions on how to use and vary the songs.

The accompaniment across the three CDs includes guitar, accordion, hammer dulcimer, whistle, glockenspiel, balafon, fiddle, harp, mandolin, drums, keyboard and percussion.

You can buy the CDs individually for £10 each from the own web pages, or buy all 3 CDs for just £25 + £1.50P&P by clicking on the Paypal button here:

Music Fun

Let’s Go!

Hush My Baby