Training for staff working with children

We provide training courses to help practitioners and teachers develop their skills and confidence in leading musical activities. Training can be tailored to the particular requirements of the setting/s and staff. We have provided training days for nursery and school staff in settings from Cornwall to Newbury. We  provide CD copies of songs taught on trainings along with writtne handouts, so that participants can go away and learn them in their own time.

In all our work with children, we provide support and handouts for staff to empower them to learn from what our practice. We recognise that staff who work with the children every day are able to explore sound and music with children in ways that we cannot as visitors, and we want to maximise this potential.

This ranges from brief conversations before and after our sessions with the children, to courses lasting a day or longer.

We encourage staff to lead parts of sessions, and to try out ideas between our visits.

Our nurseries projects have always included training, either as a series of twilight sessions or one-off days.

We can offer advice and support in developing music schemes of work, and music resources, as well as supporting the development of personal skills.