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Alice the camel

      Alice_the_camel - Play It!


      Toumba - Play It!

I looked in the mirror

      I_looked_in_mirror - Play It!

Let’s Go!

      Let's_Go! - Play It!

28 songs

45 minutes of music

With accordion, violin, string bass, harp, guitar, mandolin and percussion

Fun songs, gentle songs, songs to move to

With complete lyrics and suggestions of how to use and vary the songs

“Let’s Go! contains 28 songs and 45 minutes of music. Among them is ‘Hello everyone’, recorded live and involving some very young nursery children. This simplest of songs welcomes different groups of people (whisperers, growlers, squeakers, shouters…) and animals (cows, tigers, mice, snakes, fish…), making it perfect for the nursery’s youngest to join in. Also on this CD, hear the beat of African drums in ‘Ke la la’, clap your hands and join in the actions in ‘Let’s go’, enjoy the tongue-twister ‘Boom chikka boom’ and sing along to ‘Alice the Camel’, which has no humps – so, might be a horse?”Nursery World

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