Listen to track excerpts:

      Mr_Clickety - Play It!

Grandma grandma

      Grandma_Grandma - Play It!

Ayungawa (African)

      Ayungawa - Play It!

Nina nana (Italian lullaby)

      Nina_nana - Play It!


24 songs

40 minutes of music

6 musicians

Guitar, accordion, fiddle, string bass, drums, keyboard, assorted percussion

Fun songs, gentle songs, songs to move to

With complete lyrics

“With MusicFun, soothe children to sleep with the Italian lullaby ‘Nina Nana’; hands up, shake, shake and wriggle to ‘Grandma, grandma’; join in Mr Clickety’s silly game (with ‘clicking’ and accordion accompaniment) and relish the strong beat and repitition of the African song ‘Ayungawa’.– Nursery World

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