We deliver:

One-off days as part of a school arts or multicultural week.

On-going weekly work with children age 1-11.

Full music curriculum delivery throughout Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

Projects in clusters of nurseries or schools.

Performances and CDs of children’s work.

Singing assemblies.

Staff training, and support and collaboration with staff around sessions.

Composition and creative work using other curriculum themes.

Work connecting to literacy and/or numeracy curricula.

Music and emotions – PSHE work using music (see Mood Music)

Small group work with SEN children.

CDs for young children – great songs arranged in a lively way and played on real instruments.

Our musicians have run on-going projects in over 100 schools and nurseries in the last ten years, spreading our infectious brand of fun, confidence and new skills through hands-on music making.

In all our work we aim to support the skills and confidence of the staff who work with the children every day, through dialogue about what we do and how staff could develop ideas between sessions and after we leave. We also run formal staff training.

All our musicians have:

– signed up to the Music Leader Code of Practice

– enhanced CRB clearance

– Public Indemnity Insurance